Finding Normal

I am made of randoms,
And I think and make mental notes.
Some compounds so reactive,
Feelings made and I explode.
For sound and touch pleases me
When I look to hear someone call
The smell of melody I say
Is it worth a fall.

For I can start from scratch
Cause I have never done it in full.
I believe things I don’t agree,
And make prospectus of it all
I am feelings high and low
But I don’t want to explode.

I crave for the touch
And cry for cure.
I bleed to dust
Not more than rust
In this life am I to yours.

I am not aware
Of what I speak
I am mad insane and love
For some tree and to someone’s plee.
Do I look like ‘made for you’
Or is it that the world is for me.

I am not aware of what I speak
Its poor to know how to read.


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