Finding Normal

I am made of randoms,
And I think and make mental notes.
Some compounds so reactive,
Feelings made and I explode.
For sound and touch pleases me
When I look to hear someone call
The smell of melody I say
Is it worth a fall.

For I can start from scratch
Cause I have never done it in full.
I believe things I don’t agree,
And make prospectus of it all
I am feelings high and low
But I don’t want to explode.

I crave for the touch
And cry for cure.
I bleed to dust
Not more than rust
In this life am I to yours.

I am not aware
Of what I speak
I am mad insane and love
For some tree and to someone’s plee.
Do I look like ‘made for you’
Or is it that the world is for me.

I am not aware of what I speak
Its poor to know how to read.


Bold and soft: Velvet pants

We have been feeling the soft soft velvet since some time now but it is hard to rock it in bottoms. Here is a black velvet with three strips and ther are like body warmers. They uplift the look and make it a hell lot cooler! I would also recommend red wine or deep red shades in velvet or if you want to be really in business go for christmas green. amaze everybody!

I saw these on kim kardashian. so so similar to mine. yeaee! in a different colour though.

I bought mine from sikkim for very cheap. 🙂

Out of a glitter box!

I got my hair coloured greenish blue and I absolutely love it. It only lacked some glitter to be magical, so I added some.

TO GET THE LOOK: I used tresemme hair spray and blue glitter. It hardly takes any time for the spray to get into the hair so make sure you add glitter as soon as you have sprayed.

You can also add glitter to your serum or hair gel and then apply it to your hair. The results would be similar. It would stay longer and not get the sparkle on your top and everywhere ! Get it on!